Her er rapport frå arrangøren:

14th Solidarity with Western Sahara Half Marathon

This year on Saturday, March 16th, a bit later than usual, we had our run in Solidarity with the Human Right struggles of people of Western Sahara. We had 36 participants from 20 countries. Apart from the RCN Students we had three Guest athletes: Hermund Kleppa, Inge Asbjoern Haugen and Per Olav Bøyum who have been supporting our event from its´ early days fourteen years ago.

Hermund in the Senior category (78) completed the run finishing full of energy. Per Olav the fastest runner of our event completed the race in 1 hour and 22 min! Followed by our 1st Year Student Johana Cálková from Czech Republic and Sweden and a 2nd Year Mauro Vazquez Bassat from Spain.

All attempting the run for the second year improved their last years’ time and completed the race in high spirit.

The day finished with a Café and a presentation on the “Life in Camps”, “Saharawi Language and Culture” and “Educational Prospects for Saharawi Youth” delivered by our Western Sahara Students: Ladiba, Najib and Omar.

Før start 
Starten har gått

Inge Asbjørn Haugen fullførte det sjette løpet på Flekke

Superveteranen Hermund Kleppa bryt målsnøret.

Dei tre beste løparane.

Kulturkveld etter løpet.

Alle bilete: Sven Onnerstad

Results 14th Saharawi Solidarity Half Marathon 2019​:

1. Per Olav Bøyum Norway 01:22:11
2. Johana Cálková Czech Rep. / Sweden 01:35:10
3. Mauro Vazquez Bassat Spain 01:36:21
4. Giereann Lindfield Roberts United Kingdom 01:37:00
5. Asbjørn Lauridsen Denmark 01:37:23
6. Rasmus Weibull Sweden 01:42:09
7. Otto Geissler Norway 01:44:32
8. Edward Tandberg Norway 01:51:22
9. Edda Iveland Norway 01:52:13
10. Helene Hansen Norway 01:53:42
11. Summer Govan Canada 01:57:27
12. Inge Asbjoern Haugen Norway 01:58:30
13. Otto Garli Norway 01:58:30
14. Filippa Fälth Sweden 02:06:02
15. Jose Mora Costa Rica 02:08:45
16. Jean Marcoster Auguste Haiti 02:13:42
17. Liva Araka Lavia 02:13:44
18. Andrés Heybaran Norway 02:15:10
19. Matthew Stephens Zimbabwe 02:15:31
20. Maud Thorstensen Norway 02:15:31
21. Arno Minasian Netherlands 02:15:58
22. Maja Holmen Norway 02:17:33
23. Menziwokuhle Thwala Eswatini 02:19:10
24. Sarah Wagner Italy 02:24:24
25. Hermund Kleppa Norway 02:34:20
26. Ladiba Said Nafe Western Sahara 02:39:30
27. Linnéa Peters Sweden 02:39:30
28. Nynke Ham Netherlands 02:39:52
29. Sunniva Roligheten Norway 02:40:01
30. Fanny Keisala Finland 02:40:08
31. Agnes Önnerstad Norway / Poland / Sweden 03:11:40
  David Hallundbæk Kastrup-Larsen Denmark  
  Jonatan Ullholm Hungary / Sweden  
  Musonda Nkhoma Zambia  
  Omar Baiba Mohamed Salem Western Sahara  
  Rozarin Ahmed Iraq